What is it:

· Real time strategy & 3D construction game.
· Objective: make money by building transport networks between cities and industries.
· Similar games: Railroad Tycoon, Transport Tycoon, A-Train, Industry Giant.


· Vector based 3D enviroment and objects with 6 degrees of freedom.
· Extremely large maps you can get lost in.
· Realistic economy system.
· Industry and passengers with own personality.
· Real vehicles, trains, planes and ships from past, present and future.
· Big bridges over valleys, even over buildings.
· Curved tunnels/bridges with grade.
· Free camera control.
· Supports Transform & Lighting.
· Volumetric shadows.
· Realistic smokeparticles.
· Transparent water.
· Weather effects.
· 3D-surround-sound.

Minimum requirements:
· Windows95/98/ME/2000
· 3D video card, not older than 2 years (RivaTNT, Geforce...)
· 64 MB RAM
· AMD K6 or Pentium 2

About the project:

Gameplay will be close to Transport Tycoon, but no clone. We introduce new unique concepts you can see nowhere else yet.
The maps of usual computer games consist of tiles. Mostly quads, sometimes hexes. This grid forces the player into rectangular building and thinking. Didn't you ever wish to have at least diagonal tunnels and bridges?
3DTT will have them and much more. In its real 3D enviroment you can build streets and railroads free just like in a 3D editor.

The first release of the game is planned for November 2001 in Germany. The package will include thefollowing subsystems:

· Full featured Landscape with rivers, trees, animals
· Cities with about 150 different buildings
· About 20 types of industries.
· Full featured economy system
· Railroad system with about 30 engines and 20 waggon types.
· Street vehicle systen with about 25 lorries.
· Random map generation.
· 10 scenarios.

This will be the basic package. The contents will be mostly German/European stylish. But soon thereafter (about 3 months) there will be an international version which adds the following:

· 50 US/England stylish buildings.
· 30 US/England stylish railroad vehicles.
· 15 US/England stylish street vehicles.
· 10 US/England scenarios.

Since we had lots of more ideas there will be an Expansion Pack after 6-9 months. It will upgrade 3DTT by new game elements:

· Aircraft system with modular airports and 30 international airplanes.
· Ship system with harbours and 15 international ships.
· Monorail system.
· Multiplayer system.
· New scenarios.
· Scenario editor.
· Building editor.
· Vehicle editor.
· Airplane editor.
· Ship editor.

After this we hope you will be able to make your own add-ons with the editors.
We will continue support for several years and if we are not out of cash after this we will make a gold version finally.